Project Management

Project Management

Any sizable capital project requires specific knowledge and experience to ensure the control of the project deliverables, timely reaction, efficient coordination of all stakeholders and effective management of costs and construction time. Having a responsible and reliable project manager serves this purpose. PDP provides a selected scope of project management services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise covers the organization of the entire development process – from the pre-construction phase, through tendering, all the way to supervision of the construction process to successful completion. Our services cover:

Contract Management

Our contract consultancy provides swift, simple practical advice based on our experience and focused on our client’s defined successful outcomes promoting continued stable relationships. This service entails continuous monitoring and control of all contractual terms and proactive and timely advice on eventual amendments.

  • Debt/Equity/Guarantee Documentation Team Management (Loan Agreement, Shareholder Agreement, Intercreditor Agreement, Security Agreement)
  • Construction Contracts (FIDIC Simple Form of Contract, Yellow, Red, Silver Books)
  • Consultant Contracts (FIDIC White Book)
  • Hotel Operator Selection (Management Agreement, Technical Services Agreement)

Design Management/Coordination

PDP design management/coordination service involves coordination of architects, designers and engineers and active consulting role in terms of drawings, specifications, and materials optimizations. This enables design optimizations early in the project which allows transparent, effective and efficient planning and management including precise quantity takeoffs, resource management, fewer changes and smart procurement.

Cost Management

In developing a project, cost is of prime importance. Cost considerations are continually present – from concept budget, through to successful building occupation and use. Successful cost control underpins the performance of property assets at any stage of their lifecycle.

Through cost management we apply proven techniques to the problems of monitoring and cost control within individual projects. This continuous process provides us with a very precise insight into actual versus planned costs at any time and simulation of budget at completion.

Tender and Procurement Management

Project procurement management entails the processes required to obtain products or services needed for the completion of the project and kept under direct procurement by the Investor. These covers buying, leasing, or hiring products or services from various suppliers. Procurement management follows the process of a) planning procurement, b) conducting procurement, c) controlling procurement, d) closing procurement. The outlined processes ensure that the Investor retains control of any project purchases and that they are timely delivered.

Construction Management

Construction management involves the overall planning, coordination and control of main contractor and separate contractors from beginning to completion aimed at meeting investor's requirements to produce a functionally and financially viable project. It would typically involve PDP getting a greater role in specifying project objectives and plans, setting performance requirements, and selecting project participants, managing multiple contracts, and coordinating all the stakeholders.

Program Management

Program management is about managing groups of projects by structuring, planning, and controlling those projects with the goal to deliver the best possible overall outcomes. We are committed to a broad view and long-term strategy while maintaining focus on single project details.